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Exercise Equipment Removal Services

Junkahaulics can lift, move, load, and haul away your old exercise equipment!

Exercise Equipment Removal

Junkahaulics can lift, move, load, and haul away your old exercise equipment!

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Save $20 on an Online Quote Request

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Junk A Haulics

Our Exercise Equipment Removal Process

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Easy Booking

We offer convenient appointments to fit every schedule. Book online or call now!


No-Cost Quotes

There are no surprise fees! We’ll give you a firm quote at no cost before we begin.


Full Services

We’ll take that old treadmill from anywhere in your home! Yes, even down the stairs!



Once we’ve safely removed the carpet, we’ll load and haul it away. Leave the heavy lifting to us!



If the equipment is still usable then we’ll donate it. If not, we’ll take it for disposal.



Put Junkahaulics on speed dial for your future junk removal needs!

Exercise Equipment Removal

What We Take

Our exercise equipment removal services cover all the bases!

  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Weight Benches
  • Exercise Bikes
  • And More!

No matter what sort of gym equipment removal you need, Junkahaulics is up for it!

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Timely Service

Do you need treadmill removal ASAP? Not a problem! We offer fast and friendly service across our  North Carolina service area. It’s easy to schedule!

We’ll be there when you need us!
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Fair Pricing

You’d probably pay whatever it takes to not have to move that exercise equipment yourself. With Junkahaulics, you can kiss that treadmill goodbye at a price that won’t break the bank!

  • Transparent Pricing. We’ll consider the equipment and the location. Then we’ll give you a quote that will cover all removal expenses.
  • Firm. Our quote is firm. We won’t get wishy washy about numbers when the job is done and we’ll never add extra fees.
  • Affordable. Junkahaulics is a locally-owned and operated business. Since we don’t have to pay corporate overhead, we can keep rates low for our client
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Eco-Friendly Exercise Equipment Removal

Junkahaulics prioritizes eco-friendly practices for all of our junk removal jobs. We want to help you get rid of unwanted items, but we want to do so responsibly.

  • Reduce. The first thing we’ll do is sort through the equipment and other items. This helps us reduce the volume we have to dispose of.
  • Reuse. Then we’ll take usable equipment to a local charity. Not only are we keeping unnecessary waste out of landfills, but we’re helping our community, too!
  • Recycle. Sometimes unusable items can be recycled for parts or materials. We’ll do that whenever possible.

Making your day — the eco-friendly way!

Why wait any longer when you could be junk-free by tomorrow? Call Junkahaulics today and see the clean, green results of our expert junk hauling services in the Raleigh, NC area for yourself.

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